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Our 7-Step Tree + Shrub Program

Tree & Shrub Care

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The green Shield Program helps not only trees and shrubs, but your lawn as a whole!

Trees, shrubs, and plants compete with your lawn (and each other) for available growing nutrients. Nutrient deficient plants tend to be prone to disease and insect damage. This stifles their growth, ruins their beauty, and at times can even cause their death.

Your landscape is an important part of the character and beauty of your home.

Our expert care and attention will ensure the overall good health of your landscape. Also, insect and disease control for your trees and shrubs will keep them thriving all year-round.

We offer a 7-Step Program that is customized to cater to your landscape. This includes

  • Dormant oil tree and shrub spraying

  • Insect and disease protection

  • Deep root fertilization with includes micro and macro nutrients

  • Winter protection

  • Trunk injections for trees over 20ft. tall

GREENX is especially skilled at caring for your trees and shrubs. Contact us today to receive experienced care of your landscape!

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