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Mosquito/ Flea & Tick Control

Get Rid of Pesky Pests and Start Enjoying Your Yard!

Mosquitos have ruined gorgeous summer evenings and spoiled the liveliest barbeques.

They buzz annoyingly. They have an uncanny ability to dart away when you're moving in for the kill.

And they are 3,000 species strong.

Don't allow swarms of mosquitoes to take over your yard. A trained GreenX technician will treat all area where mosquitoes inhabit, such as around trees and shrubs, or in shaded areas under eaves and overhangs.

Though Mosquitos can be annoying the real danger lies in fleas and ticks.


Consider these facts about fleas and ticks:

  • A flea typically lays 18 eggs per day.

  • 20 fleas will produce 360 eggs per day and over 2,000 eggs per week.

  • Tick can go up to 200 days without food or water.

  • Ticks can live up to two years.

  • Ticks drop from trees and hide in the grass waiting for you, your children, pets, or some friendly deer to latch onto.

  • Lyme disease, tapeworm, and heart worm can be carried by ticks.


Most people treat their pets for fleas and ticks but forget to treat their outdoor living spaces where these pests originate. Fleas and ticks can be transported into your home by cats, dogs, and people.

This combined treatment is very effective at controlling the mosquito, flea, and tick population for approximately 21 days. Our program consists of five visits to allow for season-long control. Say goodbye to those irritating pests and start comfortably enjoying your outdoors.

Protect your family and pets from the harmful diseases these pests can carry!

Call today to schedule the PestX Mosquito/ Flea & Tick Protection Plan

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