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Lawn Disease Control

Could A Lawn Disease Be Killing Your Lawn? 

If your lawn never stays green even though you water and fertilizer it properly, it may be infected with a lawn disease problem like:

  • Dollar Spot

  • Red Thread

  • Leaf Spot

  • Rust

  • Brown Patch

  • Pythium Blight

  • Aschochyta Leaf Blight

These are just some of the diseases that can wreak havoc on your lawn.

Some of these diseases may only need additional fertilizer to help the lawn grow out the condition. Others may need a fungicide application to get the disease under control. Also, there are strands of diseases that can spread from a small concentrated area to the entire lawn if left untreated.

In addition to thinning the lawn, or even causing it to die off, the overall appearance of your lawn can be greatly affected by fungi.

GreenX will get your lawn disease under control. Call us today to learn more about how.

Dollar Spot

Leaf Spot

Red Thread

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