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Complete Lawn Care

Bring out the natural beauty and value of your lawn with the GreenX Premium Lawn Care Program.




This Includes:

Six Lawn Applications: Your lawn will be treated six times beginning in early spring through the fall. It will receive the right lawn applications at the right time of the year- just when it needs them.

Weed Control: Our goal is to get weeds under control before they have the opportunity to spread. Liquid weed control is applied at each application as needed and some lawns need a little more care than others. Keep in mind that we guarantee our results, if you have weeds popping up between applications, just give us a call and we'll come out and treat for free.

Environmentally Responsible Lawn Fertilization: The fertilizer applied is a custom blend with both, organic and traditional fertilizers which help feed the lawn for healthy, thick, and green grass while increasing the organic content in the soil. Its a granular, slow-release fertilizer, giving your lawn a consistent feeding, an even color, and hardy growth throughout the month.

Detailed Reports: You will receive a detailed report and email after each visit. This information helps pinpoint how your lawn is improving throughout the year.

But most Importantly, Your Lawn Will Look Great!

Contact your GreenX Lawn Care Experts Today!


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